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Find out what Keylogger offers the best recording features of all products.
Best Remote Keylogger
Remote Spy is the product of choice for remote computer recording. This software receives our best recommendation by our team based on it's remote abilities and powerful recording features.
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See how the keyloggers in our monitoring software reviews compare. Review our side by side comparison of each software.
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#1 Keylogger
Spy Agent records PC and computer activity in complete silence. This keylogger offers valuable recording features that tell you everything that is occuring on your computer. Read the review
Keystroke Logger
#2 Keylogger
This recording software enables you to remotely install and view everything being done on your computer. This remote spy keylogger is great for monitoring remotely. Read the review
Remote Keylogger
#3 Keylogger
Spy on your computer remotely and control all aspects of the computer including remote administration, remote monitoring from one single online easy to use interface Read the review
Remote Spy
#4 Keylogger
This is a simple to use keylogger which would be recommended for novice users. This keystroke recorder offers good features at a very affordable price. Read the review
Keystroke Logger
#5 Keylogger
This product was designed for parental control use and offers the keylogger features as well as blocking and monitoring internet access for your computer. Read the review
Parental Control

2012 Keylogger Reviews

Our Key Logger review team spends hours of reasearch testing the most advanced and technically driven computer monitoring software. After reviewing these products we choose the best of breed solutions for computer recording and surveillance. All the products on this website are highly recommended.

Keylogger Products Explained

A Keylogger was designed to be installed on a computer and record the actions or activity of the computer secretly. This includes all keystrokes typed, websites visited, emails sent and received + more. Most Keyloggers offered online offer very little ability to remain stealth and hidden. The reviews provided by our team at give you the ability to make informed decisions about which product to purchase.

Reasons To Use Keylogger Software

If forbidden or unwanted activities are occuring on your computer or network the reason for a keylogger may exist. Do you have children surfing the internet? Employee's viewing material against company policy? There are many reason for the use of a keylogger. If your in need of this type of software make sure the need is legitimate. Then read our reviews and download any of the best key logger products available online.

The operator of this website is not a keylogger developer. Invisible Keylogger offers in depth reviews to the best computer and internet monitoring keylogger products available online. Before using any of these products please be sure to check local and state laws in your area. It is against the law to use computer surveillance software on a computer you do not own or have permission to monitor. The Keylogger products offered on this site have been tested to ensure quality. All products on this site are recommended for pc monitoring.