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Spy Agent is our top recommended product at This Keylogger has every possible recording feature imaginable. Monitor and record each and every aspect of your computer including keystrokes, emails sent, emails received, all chat messengers, all programs opened, every document viewed, all websites visited and much more. Spy Agent is the superior choice for computer and internet activity monitoring hands down.

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Review By: Gary Shovey

The testing we did on this product resulted in greater than desired results. The interface is flawless and the recording capabilites are impeccable and advanced. If your a parent, business owner or just someone who has the need to monitor a computer this product is definitely your best solution. During our review this Keystroke Keylogger recorded each and every aspect of a computer. All logs and recordings are easily accessible. Spy Agent is highly recommended.

Awarded: Editors Choice For Computer Monitoring

Easy Of Use
Spy Agent: #1 Keylogger Software
Score 98%

What Does This Keylogger Record?

    Logs Keystrokes Typed
    Logs Websites Visited
    Logs Online Searches Performed
    Logs Applications Opened and Closed
    Logs Internet Connections Made
    Logs Files Opened and Printed
    Logs Chat Conversations
    Logs Windows Opened
    Logs Email Sent and Received
    Logs Internet Traffic Data
    Logs Files Uploaded and Downloaded
    Logs User Total Active/Idle Times
    Logs Passwords Typed

    Sends Activity Logs via Email or FTP
    Records Screenshots
    VCR-like Screenshot Playback
    One-click Top Activities Overview
    Comprehensive Top 10 Reports
    Built-In Web, App, and Chat Blocking
    Instant Alert Notifications
    Easy Log Management and Viewing
    Quick Log Searching and Filtering
    Lockdown and Logging Scheduling
    Activity Triggered Smart Logging
    Disables Spyware Detectors
    Completely Undetectable.

This Keylogger is compatiable with windows NT4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
and records the most popular web services.

What can it be used for?

Spy Agent Keystroke Keylogger is a perfect solution for computer and internet monitoring. Employers can use this software to record the acitvity of their employees. Parents can use the software with confidence in its ability to report accurate information. Home users can use the software to record the acitivity on their computer if they are suspicious of unusual activity or occurences.

Keylogger Preview:

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Comments (5 out of 5)

Read Responses For: Spy Agent Keylogger

Mara says: 10:54 AM
I am going to purchase this today. I was searching for this software after hearing about it from a relative.

Jack says: 3:22 PM

Gary, your review is accurate and detailed. We have been using spy agent for a year. I keep updating the software everytime a new release occurs and they continue to keep adding more and more features. This keylogger is by far the best and most advanced software I have ever used.

Jen says: 6:23 PM

I just downloaded this software. I am going to install it tonight and postback tomorrow.

Sandra says: 8:34 PM

Jen please let me know how it goes so I can purchase it shortly after you install it. I just want to make sure it works for windows 7 and is easy to use.


Gary says: 10:26 PM

Sandra, spy agent is very easy to use and does support windows 7 operating system.

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