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What Is Keylogger?

Keylogger commonly known as Keystroke logger, Key logger or invisible keylogger is a small software package that monitors and records every single keystroke made on computer. It captures real time activities of PC user like keystrokes typed by them, emails which they access, word documents they use, chat conversations, instant messages, web pages opened and searches done on internet. Keylogger can record every pressed key on your keyboard and stores it in a file which can be viewed anytime.

These programs do not require any physical access of user’s computer. It can be installed by anyone who wants to monitor any system. There are a variety of Keylogger software’s available on the internet however one should carefully chose a computer monitoring product after analyzing all their requirements.

Legitimate Features Of Keylogger

    Takes screenshots
    Logs visited websites
    Works in invisible mode
    Saves all the application
    Records all the keystrokes
    Marks out all the print activity
    Captures internet connections
    Sends reports to specific email address

Why Keylogger Is Used

This product is mainly used in offices to record employee activity & to ensure that companies privacy is maintained. It records silently all the typed keystrokes in form of documents, emails, username, passwords and all the surfing done on internet. Much like a telephone recording system at a call center, the keylogger silently records all keystrokes typed, including emails, word documents, chat room activity, IRC, instant messages, web addresses and web searching history. Keyloggers can be used in company PCs for supervising employees against the use of internet. Can track all the activity and helps a company to take steps for illegal activity done before it becomes a threat to their privacy.

Keylogger can also be used to monitor your child’s activity & help them avoid any online predators to play with their innocence. Apart from using it on your child’s computer you can even monitor your spouse activity to find out if he/she is cheating on you.

Keylogger As Spy Software

Best way to find out what is going on with your PC is to use keylogger spy software. If you are having a computer which is being used by other family members or by room mates then it’s your duty to be aware of everything that is going on with it, for this keylogger software is the best solution.

It is really hard these days to keep an eye on children when they are using internet, so beside of being present all the time you can install this software which will monitor your children activity in your absence.

The installation of this product is very easy, simple and quick. Once installed it starts working in hidden mode. Detecting its presence is hard if a person is unaware about this software. Once installed, it can not be removed without using special removal program because this is password protected software.

There are many Keyloggers available online for monitoring and tracking all the activity on your system. A PC monitoring software can be accessed remotely to provide total control over your computer. If you don’t want to give approval to user for visiting certain websites you can just block them using this tool. Keyloggers are basically used in IT companies for solving technical problems associated with computers or with business networks. It can also be used in home for monitoring computer usage. Anyone can check what kids do at yahoo or msn chats hence prevents harmful conversation online. Keylogger software can also help to recover important information which is lost due to application crash. Keylogger is a very small application which supports window 98, ME,XP,2000,VISTA.





The operator of this website is not a keylogger developer. Invisible Keylogger offers in depth reviews to the best computer and internet monitoring keylogger products available online. Before using any of these products please be sure to check local and state laws in your area. It is against the law to use computer surveillance software on a computer you do not own or have permission to monitor. The Keylogger products offered on this site have been tested to ensure quality. All products on this site are recommended for pc monitoring.